What is Econometric Feeding?

Econometric feeding is a tool designed to help producers know the hen's nutrient requirements ( which feed to feed) to always obtain maximum performance. It also shows how returns change when hens are fed more or less nutrients than required for maxinum performance as egg and feed prices vary.

In most instances optimal performance gives maximum returns but in some cases it does not.

For example, in some energy protein cost relationships more money can be made or less money loss by optimizing performance to a lower protein level than required to maximize performance. Because the econometric program lets the producer know when this occurs, the producer has a choice. He can continue to feed for optimal performance or he can feed for optimal returns. When losing money most producers should feed for optimal returns not maximum performance because at the same time it increases returns it reduces egg supply. All producers benefit from econometric feeding regardless of what other producers do.

Depending upon the producers nutrition program, Econometic Feeding can increase returns up to 2ยข or more per dozen.

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