What is Econometric Feeding and Production Control Software?

The Econometric Feeding and Production Control program has five components:

  • feed formulation
  • traditional feeding program
  • record keeping
  • econometric feeding
  • production control

integrated into a single software program.

To run the program the producer enters current feed ingredient and egg prices. All diets are then re-formulated with a printout showing returns (cents per dozen) for each diet. Based on the returns shown, the producer can select the diet for optimal returns and/or performance as desired.

With some egg and feed prices the producer can reduce loses by feeding less protein. This can result in automatic production control (reducing egg supply with low egg prices and increasing egg supply with high egg prices).

In other instances any reduction in performance will increase losses. There are no reasons producers should not feed econometrically, because it optimizes returns regardless of what other producers do and at the same time it helps control egg supply.

With the econometric feeding and management software program demonstrated, producers can know the increased cost associated with production control. That knowledge, along with the fact that small reductions in egg supply could quickly take returns from red to black, should encourage greater voluntary participation in supply management.

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